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sonny carson edu.jpeg
This is a photo of Brooklyn CORE chairman Sonny Carson and Thomas Hicks on the set of the film, 'The Education of Sonny Carson'. Hicks played the younger version of Sonny Carson in the film.

sc eyes
This is a 1968 film clip of Brooklyn CORE chairman Sonny Carson being interviewed by WABC News at the Ocean Hill-Brownsville school demonstration.

(source: Eyes on the Prize: Episode 9 "Power")

This is a photo of the book 'The Education of Sonny Carson', (hard cover, first edition, signed by members of Brooklyn CORE and Sonny Carson).

Photo shot at the offices of the Committee to Honor Black Heroes. My thanks to Ali Lamont.

ed lewinson.JPG
This is a photo of CORE member Professor Ed Lewinson (center) walking with his seeing eye dog. Dubbed 'the man who can't see race' because he was blind, he was first a member of New York CORE. He left the chapter not long after it moved to Harlem…

This is a photo of Arnie Goldwag (center, sitting, White male) and other members of Brooklyn CORE demonstrating at Downstate Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York on July 30, 1963. The demonstration was against racial discrimination in the…

BK CORE BOE sitin.tiff
This is a photo of Brooklyn CORE members sitting in at Gov. Rockefeller's New York City office on July 11, 1963. The sit in was initiated by Harlem CORE the day before.

From left: Edwin Lewinson (sitting with dog), ; Alex Passikoff (White male…

This is the arrest photo for CORE member Jean Thompson as a Freedom Rider. She was on the very first trip. Originally a member of New Orleans CORE, she later moved to New York City, married CORE field secretary Moon Eng and became active in the…

This is the arrest photo for Brooklyn CORE member Al Gordon as a Freedom Rider. He also participated in the Route 40 Freedom Rides.

A Holocaust survivor, he was working as a history teacher in a Brooklyn public school at the time of his arrest.…

This is a photo of Brooklyn CORE member Rioghan Kirchner at the Brooklyn Public Library where she volunteers. The majority of
CORE documents and memorabilia in the library's Brooklyn Collection were contributed by Kirchner. In the photo she is…

arnie goldwag.tif
This is a 1961 photo of Brooklyn CORE. Standing is Arnold Goldwag. To his right sitting is Rioghan Kirchner. The Black male sitting on the right side of the photo is Brooklyn CORE's chairman, Dr. Robert Palmer.
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