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This is a July 10, 1963 photo of Brooklyn CORE member MIneral Bramletter being arrested at the SUNY Downstate Medical Center demonstration. Brooklyn CORE initiated this demonstration as part of a city wide CORE campaign protesting the lack of…

This is a photo of a member of the American Nazi Party counter picketing Brooklyn CORE's demonstration at the White House in Washington , D.C.

kaufman brunson callender1.jpg
This is a 1964 photo of (left to right) Queens CORE chairman George Kaufman, Bronx CORE chairman Herb Callender and Brooklyn CORE chairman Isiah Brunson taken right before the World's Fair Stall-In. All three chapters, along with Harlem CORE,…

ollie leeds.jpg
This is a photo of the second Brooklyn CORE chairman Ollie Leeds (Black).

Leed's parents were from Grenada. He spent 3 1/2 years in the Army and was a decorated WWII veteran. He was also an early member of the Negro History Association.


This is a photo of well known actor Ossie Davis participating in Brooklyn CORE's week long sit in at the Board of Education in 1962.

Davis, who with a his wife Ruby Dee, were known to go out of their way to participate in the movement and…

This is a 1962 photo of Brooklyn CORE members Rioghan Kirchner (White) and Dr. Barbara Wallace (Black) being arrested at the Ebingers Bakery demonstration.

Wallace also participated in the Route 40 Freedom Rides.

This is a photo of Brooklyn CORE member Rioghan Kirchner at the Brooklyn Public Library where she volunteers. The majority of
CORE documents and memorabilia in the library's Brooklyn Collection were contributed by Kirchner. In the photo she is…

This is a photo of the Bibuld family who were at the center of Brooklyn CORE's first campaign against the NYC Board of Education. In between Elaine and Jerome Bibuld are their children (from left to right) Melanie, Carrington, and Douglass.…

stan brez.tif
This a photo of Brooklyn CORE member Stanley Brezenoff at Brooklyn College, class of 1960. Originally from Brooklyn, Brezenoff was working on a Master’s degree in Philosophy before he joined CORE.

According to Mr. Brezenoff, he first joined…

This is a photo of the book 'The Education of Sonny Carson', (hard cover, first edition, signed by members of Brooklyn CORE and Sonny Carson).

Photo shot at the offices of the Committee to Honor Black Heroes. My thanks to Ali Lamont.
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