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This is a photo of Malcolm X at Brooklyn CORE's 1963 SUNY Downstate Medical demonstration. In the left hand side of the photo can be seen a member of Brooklyn CORE wearing a CORE hat.
This is the second part of Gladys Harrington's interview from the 1963 CBS News special 'The Harlem Temper'. Here, she discusses the differences between the nationalist groups at the time such as the Nation of Islam and New York CORE. What is most…

kenyatta - ferguson FBI.pdf
This is a document from the Federal Bureau of Investigation's COINTELPRO program that discusses plans to attempt to convince Herman Ferguson, former education chairman of South Jamaica CORE, that Charles 37X Kenyatta, leader of the Harlem Mau Mau,…

Malcolm X assassination- 50 years on, mystery still clouds details of the case | US news | The Guardian.pdf
This is an explosive article which places undercover NYPD police officer Ray Wood at the assassination of Malcolm X. It also suggests an answer to one of the great mysteries surrounding the event - the identity of the second man who was arrested at…

omar abu and gloria richardson2.tiff
This is a July 22, 1967 photo of East River CORE chairman Omar Abu Ahmed (white shirt, bald head) seated next to Gloria Richardson, leader of the Cambridge movement, at the 2nd National Black Power Conference in Newark, New Jersey.

Ahmed, one of…

Incognegro- How Law Enforcement Spies on Black Radical Groups | History News Network.pdf
This is the first "Incognegro" article which explores the actions of Ray Wood, an undercover police agent that infiltrated Bronx CORE and other NYC CORE chapters under orders of the Bureau of Special Services (BOSS/BOSSI), a branch of the New York…

Maloclm X supports Farmer.jpg
This is a January 1965 letter from the Organization of Afro-American Unity to CORE's national director James Farmer in support of his actions with the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party. It is signed by Malcolm X.

bob gore on malcolm-rustin debate.pdf
This is a September 20, 1962 article by Bob Gore from the national CORE office on the debate between Bayard Rustin and Malcolm X at the Community Church in Manhattan earlier that month.

Gore served as associate community relations director…

This is a film clip of 7 Arts CORE chairman Frances Foster taken from Spike Lee's film "Malcolm X".
She was also featured in Spike Lee's film "Crooklyn".
This is a short film clip of Malcolm X speaking in favor of the Stall-In initiated by Brooklyn, Bronx and Harlem CORE. He is interviewed by NBC News.
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