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judithjones pic.tif
This is a photo of Bronx CORE member Judith Jones, a former chairman of the chapter's of the division.
In 1981, she unsuccessfully ran for Mayor of New York City on the Free Libertarian Party ticket, the New York affiliate of the Libertarian…

yaphet live.jpg
This is a photo of Yaphet Kotto who was Bronx CORE's vice chairman from 1963-64. Kotto has since become a well known and respected movie and television actor. This photo is a publicity still from his role in the 1973 James Bond film, 'Live and Let…

sol carson pic.tif
This is a 1968 photo of Bronx CORE chairman Sol Herbert (front, stripped shirt) and Brooklyn CORE chairman Sonny Carson (back). Both men led their chapters to secede from CORE over the election of Roy Innis as national director.

Before becoming…

howard quander pic.jpg
This is a photo of Bronx CORE member Howard Quander.

kaufman brunson callender1.jpg
This is a 1964 photo of (left to right) Queens CORE chairman George Kaufman, Bronx CORE chairman Herb Callender and Brooklyn CORE chairman Isiah Brunson taken right before the World's Fair Stall-In. All three chapters, along with Harlem CORE,…

rustin and callender.tiff

This is a still image of Bayard Rustin (Black male at microphone) and Bronx CORE chairman Herb Callender (Black male right, dark overcoat).

The photo speaks again to the complicated relationship between Rustin and CORE. He is not on staff…

bx core.tif
This is a March 1965 photo of Bronx CORE members demonstrating in Harlem. The members here are currently unidentified.

cyril boynes young2.tif
This is a photo of Bronx CORE chairman Cyril Boynes, Jr. In 1973, he became co-chairman of Harlem CORE where his brother Rupert was also a member. Both are the nephews of Roy Innis.
He is still listed as a member of CORE's Executive Staff at…

Malcolm X on Redlining - Jews and Blacks.mp3
This is an audio file of Malcolm X speaking about Bronx CORE’s demonstrations against the White Castle restaurant on Boston Road and Allerton avenue in July of 1963. He also references other CORE demonstrations. This was discovered by chance on…

rafael pic1.jpg
This is a photo of Rafael Martinez who was a member of both New York CORE and Bronx CORE. In it, he is holding a photo of himself as a young man at about the age he would have been when he was in CORE. He served in the Army’s tank division during…
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