Queens College CORE (part 2)

Interestingly, Schwerner's older brother was an advisor at Queens College at the time and Rita Schwerner was a student there. She and her husband Mickey had recruited Mark Levy, the former QC student body president, to also work for the Mississippi summer project. Like Goodman, Levy was not a member of QC CORE, but as the group photographer for QC CORE at the MOW, he had worked with and knew members well. Both he and his wife Betty Bollinger became teachers and the co-coordinators at the Meridian Freedom School in Lauderdale County, a district overseen by CORE. They arrived in Mississippi just a few days after Schwerner, Goodman and Chaney went missing.

QC CORE members like Berman and Linzer had been too young to go to Mississippi for Freedom Summer but did work in the QC CORE office handing out applications and other administrative duties. Like other QC CORE members, they were also members of Queens CORE and South Jamaica CORE. South Jamaica CORE's tutoring program appears to have been done in conjunction with the SHP.

By this time Carolyn Hubbard (Black) had become chairman. She was succeeded by Gene Spierman: Other officers included: Carl Hodges, Marc Helman, Beryl Borgersen, Jaime Calvo. Other notable members were Mark Blumberg and Ina Gold.

While the Student Help Project that QC CORE initiated went on until at least 1968, QC CORE appears to have faded out by the end of 1967. As with other White members of CORE, some of those from QC CORE went into the anti-war movement.

Andrew Berman and Howie Epstein, for example, had earlier co-founded the student group Independent Students for a New Left (Belle Gale Chevigny of Downtown CORE was its faculty advisor). This group later became the Queens College chapter for the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) which included other QC CORE members like Elliot Linzer.

There is an archive for Queens College CORE put together by Mark Levy as part of a bigger project on the history of Queens College and the civil rights movement. Second only to Rioghan Kirchner's Brooklyn CORE archive at the Brooklyn Public Library, it is the only other archive of an NYC CORE chapter that exists.