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This is a photo of Long Island CORE Lincoln Lynch during his time in Great Britain's Royal Air Force. Originally from a Jamaica, he served during World War II and achieved the rank of sergeant. He was in the RAF for ten years before he finally…

This is a 1944 of Long Island chairman Lincoln Lynch as a machine gunner in Great Britain's Royal Air Force.

'Sgt LO Lynch from Jamaica, winner of the Air Gunner's Trophy for 1944 standing by the rear gun turret of a…

This is the photo from Newsday's obituary for Long Island CORE chairman Lincoln Lynch. He was 91 years old when he passed.

After leaving CORE, Lynch became a vice chair for the New York Urban Coalition and a 'professor at the social welfare…

This is a photo of Lincoln Lynch being arrested at the duck farm protest in Riverhead in 1964.
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