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evie rich pic.tiff
This is a 1959 photo of New York CORE member Evie Rich with her son, Gordon. She is walking the picket line in midtown Manhattan. According to the Amsterdam News, it was “the first major protest demonstration against airline job discrimination on…

yvonne rivers pic.tiff
This is a 1979 photo of Brookhaven CORE chairman Yvonne Rivers. She succeeded Clayton Chesson. Here she is the vice chairman of the Economic Opportunity Council of Suffolk Inc., an anti-poverty agency in Long Island.

1947 core .jpg
This is a copy of a 1947 CORE letter sent out to staff. It is included here because it demonstrates:
1. That CORE was headquartered in New York City and had an office in Harlem as early as 1947. CORE moved to NYC because its first national leader,…
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