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omar abu and gloria richardson2.tiff
This is a July 22, 1967 photo of East River CORE chairman Omar Abu Ahmed (white shirt, bald head) seated next to Gloria Richardson, leader of the Cambridge movement, at the 2nd National Black Power Conference in Newark, New Jersey.

Ahmed, one of…

Malcolm X assassination- 50 years on, mystery still clouds details of the case | US news | The Guardian.pdf
This is an explosive article which places undercover NYPD police officer Ray Wood at the assassination of Malcolm X. It also suggests an answer to one of the great mysteries surrounding the event - the identity of the second man who was arrested at…

Reader s Almanac  Blyden Jackson (May 05, 1974).mp3
This is an May 5, 1974 WNYC radio interview of Blyden Jackson as the author of ‘Operation Burning Candle’.

This is one of the cover illustrations for Operation Burning Candle, a novel written by East River CORE member Blyden Jackson.

In the 1973 novel originally published by Third Press, a black Vietnam Vet organizes other such vets into an…

stu wechs pic.jpg
This is a photo of CORE member Stuart Wechsler taken when he worked as part of the Target City project in Baltimore, Maryland.

Originally a member a CCNY CORE, he joined New York CORE with Terry Perlman and Pat Saunders and was part of the group…

elizabeth adler.jpg
This is the arrest photo for CORE member Elizabeth Adler as a Freedom Rider. She went on to become a member of New York CORE and a founding member of East River CORE. She is one of the seven arrested at East River CORE's Triborough Bridge sit in.

east river core bridge.tif
This is a March 6, 1964 photo of East River CORE's sit in demonstration at the Triborough Bridge on 125th street in Harlem. The chapter was protesting against the conditions of East Harlem's public schools.
The entrance to the bridge was blocked…

This is a photo of Tom Kahn, one this country's leading civil rights organizers and labor leaders. He was also considered the ghost writer par excellence of the movement responsible for Bayard Rustin's classic treatise, 'From Protest to Politics'…

This is a April 22, 1964 photo of East River CORE members Tom Kahn (White male) and Rachelle Horowitz (White female) at the 1964 World's Fair demonstration with James Farmer (holding 'Freedom Now' sign).

Kahn and Horowitz were founding members…

stu wechs2.jpg
This is a July 25, 1967 photo of CORE field secretary Stuart Wechsler (center, glasses) being arrested in Cambridge, Maryland. He was down from New York City working on the Target City Project. By is own account, he'd been arrested 25-30 times as an…
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