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hilton clark -x.tiff
This is a 1987 photo of Columbia CORE member Hilton Clark (sitting, Black male, dark suit, glasses) as a NYC city councilman. Sitting next to him is city councilman Rev. Wendell Foster (New York CORE) on his right and Mayor Ed Koch on his left.…

stu wechs pic.jpg
This is a photo of CORE member Stuart Wechsler taken when he worked as part of the Target City project in Baltimore, Maryland.

Originally a member a CCNY CORE, he joined New York CORE with Terry Perlman and Pat Saunders and was part of the group…

ina sugihara pic.jpg

This is a 1953 photo of Ina Sugihara, New York CORE. A Nisei like Yuri Kochiyama, she somehow managed to escape being forced into the internment camps for Japanese Americans during WWII*.

Sugihara was one of the early members of New York CORE…

james robinson jail.tiff
This is a 1959 photo of CORE founder and New York CORE member james Robinson in jail in for participating in a civil rights action while in Miami. He was there originally to take part in CORE's Miami Interracial Action Institute.

sheila michaels old.jpg
This is a still taken from a 2009 cable television interview of activist Sheila Michaels.

Ms. Michaels created an oral history archive of CORE and SNCC activists who live in NYC and within the tri-state area, an incredible resource for anyone…

sheila michaels young.jpg
This is a photo of New York CORE member Sheila Michaels.
A member of the chapter both downtown and uptown she was involved in some of its early housing protests with Gladys Harrington. Shee also participated in the Route 40 Freedom Rides.


bernice fisher.jpg
This is a 1960 photo of New York CORE member taken in front of her apartment in Brooklyn. Like James Farmer, James Robinson and George Houser, she was one of the founding members of CORE who relocated to New York City.
A pacifist and divinity…

gloria bouknight.jpg
This is the 1961 arrest photo for CORE member Gloria Bouknight as a Freedom Rider in Jackson, Mississippi. Originally from the South, she lived in New York after the rides and was roommates with Sheila Michaels. She served as chair of the membership…

elizabeth adler.jpg
This is the arrest photo for CORE member Elizabeth Adler as a Freedom Rider. She went on to become a member of New York CORE and a founding member of East River CORE. She is one of the seven arrested at East River CORE's Triborough Bridge sit in.

stu wechs2.jpg
This is a July 25, 1967 photo of CORE field secretary Stuart Wechsler (center, glasses) being arrested in Cambridge, Maryland. He was down from New York City working on the Target City Project. By is own account, he'd been arrested 25-30 times as an…
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